morning hike.

went up this morning like 06:00am, have been sleeping like a child all night.
right now i'm sipping on a cup of coffee and soon i will take a hike in the forrest with the dog.

todays plans: cleaning the apartment, look for some job and answer some e-mails.
if the weather approve maybe i'll take a book and just relax on a blanket all day.

over to something else, i'm so sick of all the drama caused by insecure girls and stupid boys who
can't stand up for whatever they've done.. i don't really get why people can't grow some fucking balls and speak the truth. what do you get from lying?
i guess it's easier to point the finger even if your own isn't clean.
well, i guess what i'm trying to say is that it's better to speak the truth and give
people a choice to either forgive you for what you've done, or let them walk out of your life knowing it's
not their lost. but it's the person who've been lying and treating you in a bad way. the truth always catch up.
so if you really care about someone, always speak the truth, even if it hurts.

no one deserves being lied to. so stay true people and don't forget to stand up for yourself.
hugs and kisses!



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