''i let you down and then i woke up next to a stranger.''

light hits your face and you look at me like i'm a stranger.
so far away, but still so near.

and you can blame it on my crazy heart. i got lost, you got torn apart.
i wish you would let me hold you,let me hold you -one last time.

If this is over, if this is the end. if you don’t wanna see my face again,
please just let me hold you, let me hold you, one last time..

if you would only give me the chance, i know i could do so much better.

Postat av: Lina

Åhh tusen tack, fina du! Made my day <3

Svar: nemas problemas :) kramis
None None

2012-08-02 @ 20:12:55
URL: http://linaohlsen.se

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